QRP CLUSTER 2023 v.2.0
design OM0ET, code OM6APN


Why QRP Cluster?
Broadcasting with low power is fun, but especially if we manage to make QSO's or contacts. QRP signals are usually weak and easily missed in noise and interference. That's why we came up with the idea of creating a QRP self spotting Cluster, where every QRP broadcasting enthusiast can announce on which frequency they are working, in which mode, or with what equipment and power they are working.

What is a QRP operation ?
Firstly, it is a great part of an Amateur radio hobby...

In amateur radio, QRP operation refers to transmitting at reduced power while attempting to maximize one's effective range. QRP operation is a specialized pursuit within the hobby that was first popularized in the early 1920s. QRP operators generally limit their transmitted RF output power to 5 Watts or less regardless of mode be it CW operation or SSB operation.[1]

Reliable two-way communication at such low power levels can be challenging due to changing radio propagation and the difficulty of receiving the relatively weak transmitted signals. QRP enthusiasts may employ optimized antenna systems, enhanced operating skills, and a variety of special modes, in order to maximize their ability to make and maintain radio contact.

credit: wikipedia

How the QRP Cluster should work ?
Our first idea is to create a Self spotting QRP (TELNET) cluster, which will be intended only for QRP/mobile/portable stations. Basically something similar to the DX Summit. In other words, some web interface + possibly also a mobile application in the SOTA way. There was also an idea to made a beacons, which will permanently broadcasting cluster data in some DIGI mode for those who don't have an access to the internet (mostly in the mountains or distant and not populated areas). It would certainly be great if anybody could help us with this project. Main idea was to create an Open Source project in which anyone with the necessary knowledge could somehow participate.